Saturday, March 30, 2013

2013 Photo Scavenger Hunt Clues

2013 Photo Scavenger Hunt
Stay in the neighborhood and be courteous as you use a digital camera or phone to capture as many of the following items as you can.  Be creative!  The more interesting your photos, the better your chances of winning extra prizes.  You may work in teams, but take your own photos. Bring this list and your camera to the park at 2pm to have your photos judged and get a treat.

A birds’ nest

An American flag

A phone number

A for sale sign

A sign made of stone

A welcoming moose

A snow shovel

A cool car

You touching the net of a basketball hoop

A garden hose

A Soccer net

A Huskers emblem

A crooked pine tree

You hanging upside down on a Jungle gym

A live (wild) animal

You jumping on a Trampoline

Someone walking pet

A house with neighbors that moved in this year

An animal statue

Someone playing “fluffy bunny” with marshmallows

A pot with dead plants

Picture of picking up litter

A blue Adirondack bench

You wearing bunny ears made of tin foil

A red grill

Someone wearing lots of silly bands

You in front of a Sheriff’s house

A fire hydrant with a smiley face on it

A house where the numbers added equals 14

Pic of the word “Hi” spelled entirely with  bodies

Pretending to warm your hands by a fire pit

An out-of-state license plate

A house with a green door

A bunny decoration

Someone juggling pine cones

Some unmelted snow

A dry waterfall

An animal track

A Dog Depot

A flower blooming

Someone skateboarding

A Disney Princess bike helmet
Thanks for Playing!  Name: ________________________ Age:_______ Number of Items: ________

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